Who's to Blame when Logistics Outsourcing Goes Wrong?


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OK, this is a bit of an unfair question, because I think often both parties are to blame.

The Client.
Is sometimes not open enough about the task required and ofen can't provide enough accurate data for the contract to be accutately costed and resourced.

The 3PL
Can sometimes be too eager to win a new contract and thinks that it will 'all work out OK' in the end.

Poor data from the client would be my #1 reason for contract failure, as it starts things off on the wrong foot.

What would you add?


In my experience of handling an outsource, one issue is the difficulty of adapting to the work styles.Let’s admit that offices have their own working culture that should be followed otherwise mistakes will occur. One example is the time off that you cannot leave the office when there is an important work that is pending and couldn’t wait for the next day. An outsource leaving such work can be sanctioned.


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Always try to hire a professional logistics company before sending and hand overing good check company background, check company reviews and company reputations. After checking all these things check logistics company services either they are able to manage to transfer goods or not.


Outsourcing is just the same as hiring except the concept is different when it comes to the work contract. Hiring involves the request from the unit that has a vacancy. The request is submitted to the HR for review and in big companies the request passes the division head for the final approval. HR is the final destination of the request for the sourcing of the worker, whether it is for hiring or outsourcing. Clearly the blame should be on the hiring unit and HR is free from the blame.