When calamity hits


Any calamity beyond the control of man can hit a place, be it a state or a country or even a continent. After the bushfire in Australia now comes the global concern for the corona virus that hit China recently. With the death toll at a meager 56, it is not alarming yet but the more than 2,000 people contaminated in the whole of China is worth a thought. And globally there are confirmed contamination but just in a single digit number. Is there an action or plan of action for the supply chain companies regarding this present calamity?


I think it is quite too late in the day. But if the customers have a backup supplier then their orders will not be affected much. Some buyers I know have concentrated their purchases from Chinese factories and dealers in China. Now that there is an issue in the travel ban the trading is on a total halt. For companies with no backup supplier, that would be a great negative effect and probably they are now in panic.