What is Supply Chain Management (Video)

Rob O'Byrne

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I'll be sharing some videos from our YouTube channel here as part of improving the Forum content.



Thank you for sharing the video that gave me food for thought. Now I can imagine the route of the supply from the farm to the restaurant. Just one flaw in the management can ruin the smooth flow and can greatly affect the destination busines. Incidentally there is a small depot of fresh vegetables in our village that gave me the idea of how those vegetables are processed before they reach the destination. A warehouse inside the city for the processing is indeed one advantage for a perishable goods business.


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Thank you for sharing the basics of Supply Chain Management. It has certainly helped me to understand the subject better. Rob, could you also share some insights on the subject? Looking forward to more videos. I found a really good provider for the supply chain management. You can visit their website Agility.com.