What is cold chain technology and where it is used?


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Recently while reading the blogs, I came across the word cold chain? and I was not able to understand what the article was as i am not aware of cold chain technology?


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A cold chain is a supply chain that is temperature-controlled. Cold chain technology is employed for the preservation and extension of the shelf life of products like pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, photographic film, frozen food, seafood, and fresh agricultural produce. Cold chain logistics include all the means that are used to ensure the constant temperature maintenance for products that are not heat-stable, from the time of manufacturing up to when the product is used.


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The technology to measure temperature variation of products through the Supply Chain is now really amazing.


A friend in the industry said that cold storage truck is very expensive compared to ordinary trucks. He is in the ice cream industry which obviously requires the cold chain technology for the business not only of the manufacture of making of the product but the crucial step in the process is the delivery especially so in tropical countries.