What are your Logistics Challenges?


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there are few in my mind right now, not solely in our company but from the industry
1. inconsistency of service from 3PL provider
2. compliance in government rules and regular
3. theft and pilferage
4. poor logistics design (internal, external for both inbound & outbound)
5. resistance of people to change
6. limited capabilities


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Theft is a very big challenge for me because it's something that has proven to difficult to get rid of permanently especially with poor security standards in the country. There is no guarantee that an incident of theft wouldn't occur every now and then. Sometimes, the theft would be internal or most times external but the idea generally is that it exists. Also bad roads poses a great problem as well because the government doesn't really care about road rehabilitation now.


I was lucky to have people doing the task of government requirements like registration. But there was a case of theft and making matters worse, the thief was a trusted staff of mine. It was sad for me to give him the walking papers but I couldn’t and shouldn’t tolerate crimes no matter how petty. The guy admitted everything so there is no more hearing or investigation done. Everything was settled quietly.


I have experienced the resistance of people in the changes particularly in technology. I had the privilege of working as a consultant to a warehouse of imported footwear. My job was to install a new software for the inventory. The person to operate the computer couldn’t cope with the automation that she preferred to do things manually. With her resistance, I was forced to report her to the management and she was replaced.