What are the recent supply chain trends in consumer retail?


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Re: What are the recent supply chain trends in consumer retail?

I will share this interesting read here from cerasi.com:

Is augmented reality the future of supply chain? DHL Trend Research certainly seems to think so when it comes to this Supply Chain Trend. DHL looks at the following ways Augmented Reality will provide benefits to the supply chain as listed from the Elementum blog:

Picking Optimization: Each picker sees a ‘digital picking list’ on a heads-up display (picture Google Glass visuals). When someone selects an item, the display calculates the most efficient path through the warehouse, guides that person to the package, scans it as ‘picked’ into the Warehouse Management System, and immediately directs the picker to the next closest package.

Facility Planning: You’ll be able to visualize your next warehouse in full-scale before even beginning construction. You can model workflows through the facility, test measurements, even “field test” rearrangements—all virtually. Not only will it save you money, it’ll allow you to fully experience what you’re trying to do, before actually doing it.

Freight/Container Loading: Augmented reality could replace the need for a physical cargo list and load instructions. How? By allowing to see loading instructions on a heads-up display with step-by-step instructions on how to most efficiently load a container given the size, dimensions, and weight of the packages going into it.

Dynamic Traffic Support: Most delivery trucks already come equipped with GPS navigation, but AR systems are the natural successors. Heads-up and windshield displays would allow carriers to efficiently re-route shipments on the fly without causing any significant distraction to the driver. The display would show the driver critical information including cargo temperature (especially important when transporting medical devices or other fragile goods), gasoline efficiency (which changes based on the weight of the truck!), and a variety of interesting and critical information.
Imagine that, companies in the future may be able to recreate a supply chain network and make better business decisions after understanding the outcome of the virtual world.


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Re: What are the recent supply chain trends in consumer retail?

Hi, yоu might bе intеrеstеd in rеаding thе rеpоrt “Stаtе оf thе Rеtаil Supply сhаin 2016”, соnduсtеd by Mаrtес Intеrnаtiоnаl аnd соmmissiоnеd by RЕLЕX Sоlutiоns. Thе rеpоrt givеs grеаt insight intо thе issuеs rеtаilеrs fасе tоdаy аnd hоw thеy plаn tо оvеrсоmе thеm.

Sоmе kеy findings inсludе:

Thе tоp businеss issuе with rеgаrd tо supply сhаin plаnning аnd еxесutiоn is inсrеаsing аvаilаbility withоut inсrеаsing stосkhоlding – highlightеd by 62% оf thоsе intеrviеwеd. Thе fосus is оn imprоving сustоmеr sеrviсе withоut аdvеrsеly аffесting stосk hоlding соsts.

54% оf аll оmni-сhаnnеl rеtаilеrs оpеrаtе а singlе stосk pооl асrоss аll sаlеs сhаnnеls. Lаrgе fоrmаt spесiаlity rеtаilеrs аrе mоst likеly tо hаvе а singlе stосk pооl асrоss аll sаlеs сhаnnеls (56%) whilе fооd аnd drug rеtаilеrs аrе thе lеаst likеly (20%).

оf thе rеtаilеrs with plаns tо invеst in nеw systеms оr whо hаvе rесеntly асquirеd nеw systеms thе twо mаin rеаsоns аrе thаt thеy hаd оutgrоwn thе оld systеm аnd thаt supply сhаin tеаms spеnd tоо lоng dаtа сrunсhing (bоth 18% оf rеtаilеrs).


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Re: What are the recent supply chain trends in consumer retail?

Thanks James, great report! I thought I would include a link to the summary of the report on the RELEX website. You can also read and download the full report here.
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Re: What are the recent supply chain trends in consumer retail?

There are a number of supply chain trends that are sweeping through the industry. At the moment, the industry is adjusting on the fly as big data changes how we operate. The three major factors that are impacting modern supply chain strategy the most are:

1. Globalization
2. Ecommerce
3. Mergers and acquisitions

These factors have a hand in determining how 3PL companies do business, as well as how retail will continue to grow and change with the times. As borders begin to open up for shipping freight, ideas continue to spread, and more attention is put on ecommerce, retailers and logistics companies alike will be forced to perfect their strategies.


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Trends keep changing and adapting to the latest developments in the technological space. Focusing on what some of the best supply chain providers use would be a better way to understand industry standards and technological applications in consumer retail. Apart from an excellent inventory and robust delivery system, a retail logistics provider should also employ the use of software that can model different scenarios, compare costs, and help ease the documentation involved, thereby improving the productivity of the solutions provided.