What are the main Major Functions Of A Warehouse Management Company?


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It's exhausting and costly to set up the entire structure of warehouse along with its management system. Businesses who are engrossed in the production line demands a setup or storage option where goods and supplies can be stored for further and timely distribution. But the investment and maintenance are huge that's why their Google search is always filled with "Top Logistics Companies In India" because these third parties are a complete saviour as they perform their complete line of action within the time for different businesses.

Down below are the few major functions of a warehouse management company.

To Store Goods and Products
Transfer or Movement of Goods
Grading, Branding and Packaging
Protection against Pilferage or Loss


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Whenever you hear warehouse, the first thing you should think about is product storage point or location because it's the primary role or function of a warehouse. Goods are kept in shop or point of sale but the bulk of it are store in the warehouse for security purposes. Some companies actually also use their warehouse as their point of sale since the transactions are initiated and completed at the warehouse location.


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A warehouse management company helps companies to carry out logistics activities simultaneously and in an efficient manner. A warehouse management company usually performs the following functions:
- Acquiring goods
- Tracking stock
- Maintaining efficiency in storage
- Picking and shipping
- Presenting information to managers
- Dispatching goods
- Ensuring warehouse security
The primary functions revolve around the management of product storage points for better coordination with carriers and manufacturers.