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Welcome to the Supply Chain Focus Discussion Forum, our online Supply Chain Community.

The Forum is owned and moderated by a group of enthusiasts who are interested in sharing knowledge and experiences of Supply Chain Management.

The Forum is a not for profit facility and we welcome all new members, but ask that you abide by our simple Rules. Please read those before posting.

You will note that you are able to register and use an anonymous user name if you prefer. We have adopted this approach, as we feel that some forum members may be more comfortable in discussing topics freely, sharing experiences and advice etc, without worrying about giving away who they are or for which company they work.

Make sure you register, as we will be adding a members only area soon, where we will provide some handy downloads.

Note that until you have been a member for 7 days and have made 10 posts or more, you are not able to add a signature to your profile.

You will notice a range of membership 'Titles' in use. These are based on the number of posts a member has made, and recognises their contribution to the discussion forum. The following titles are used, with the required number of posts shown in brackets:

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Welcome to our online Supply Chain Community

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