Warehouse Location 101 - Video


Thanks for sharing some of your insights on warehouse location. Over here, the cost of distribution is mainly focused on the heavy traffic on the roads so it is an advantage if you have a warehouse inside the city (Metro Manila). What some big supply chain companies do is to have a depot inside the city where they can deliver the imported goods from the port or from the provincial factories. From the depot the goods will be delivered to the buyers by rented trucks. It’s difficult to explain but I have an idea that the rented trucks know the road culture of the city. Can you imagine a delivery truck being stopped by a traffic officer for an inspection? That delay can cost money so the driver would just bribe the traffic officer.

Rob O'Byrne

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The challenges certainly vary by country and region! Much of my work is in Australia, but I have done client assignments in SE Asia and the challenges there are certainly different.
I shot another video about distribution networks on Sunday. At the beach :)

It will get posted on YouTube on Wednesday. Louie my editor is working on it...........

They get posted on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/robobyrne