Want to order freight in a minute?


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Hello colleagues!

Remember your last time getting quotation from logistics company. How was the proccess to you? What was the biggest concern?

My name is Valeriy and I represent well known international transport company. We are working on a new product which is intended to bring essential value to shippers, cargo-owners, freight forwarders. We're testing unique online quoting tool - the easiest way to get instant freight quotes for your cargo and ship it worldwide .
If you have 5 min. we would like to invite you to pass simple survey below.
(It's a simple google form quiz - so please don't worry it is not a scam and free of viruses)

Link - Order freight in a minute survey

Your feedback is highly important to us since we could figure out how we can help you to make your business with transport companies more comfortable.
Thank you! :)