Transformation observation of mining machinery

<p>Blessed by the blessing of disaster. 10 years of prosperity behind the huge potential risks, <p>asphalt grinders for sale</p> once the scenery of the mining industry instantly fell from heaven to hell, and with the common ground of the mining machinery and equipment industry, natural hard to survive.</p>

<p> Data show that in 2015, the domestic mining industry showed a trend of decline across the board,the national iron ore production of 1.381 billion tons,<p>double drums mobile asphalt mixing plant for hot sale</p> down 7.7%; raw coal production to complete 3.68 billion tons, down 3.5%; 10 kinds of non-ferrous metal production 50.90 million Ton, the growth rate down 1.44 percentage points; cement production 2.348 billion tons, down 4.9%. </p>

<p>The mining machinery and equipment is different from other consumables, with a one-time investment, use for a long time, slow update, etc., in addition to technological transformation and the new mine one-time large-scale purchase, <p>diesel engine hydraulic vibration double drum road roller</p> usually rarely buy. Especially in the current economy into the downlink channel, to increase the intensity of production, expanding the field of circumstances, the mining machinery and equipment of new market demand dropped, while the existing market has long been saturated, its overcapacity will become inevitable.</p>

<p> However, the reality seems to be more cruel than imagined. Recently, the domestic manufacturing tax burden is too heavy, low profit margins has become the focus of social concern, <p>stationary asphalt equipment for road construction</p> to a large extent also reflects the dilemma of China's mining machinery and equipment industry.</p>
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