The issue of individual hoarding


In this time of lockdown and community quarantine, it is a trend for people to go on panic buying. And we all know that panic buying is considered hoarding because the tendency of the panic buyer is to buy more than he can chew, so to speak. The association of grocery owners here issued a statement that they are limiting the sales of items to 1 or 2 pieces depending on the type. The items people mostly buy are alcohol, soap, tissue paper and food stuff like instant noodles and canned goods. The limitation would at least slow down the sales of such products.


I cannot blame people to hoard food stuff and household items that they intend to use sooner or later due to the impending lockdown in their area. Iti s a matter of survival when you run out of food and you cannot go out to buy. Worse, there might be nothing to buy tomorrow and you may go hungry. Especially those with a big family, food is the primary item to hoard.