The Future of Supply Chain is Automation


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Hello! First time here. It's great to see so many supply chain professionals and the advice you're giving here is invaluable.

I've created this infographic about technology and supply chain management, and how employers and employees will have to adapt to the changing industry. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Here is the source for this graphic. Custom Supply Chain Management Software

The Future of Supply Chain is Automation - The Future of Supply Chain is Automation
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I am with the largest bank in our country and I saw the progress of automation in my more than 30 years of work experience. I am not only focused on the IT and digital technology but also the other departments needing automation. One example is the payroll system where the monthly payroll is processed from department to department using digital files in the computerized system. The armored car that brings the cash to the branches are also automated in principle with the monitoring and communication.


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My take on automation aside from robotics and automated mechanical devices is the remote supervision where you can manage the operation even when you are away. I had the experience of going abroad and leaving the operation to my assistant that it was a sorry mess when I came back after a week. Those were the days when there was not much in the internet except the email. But now we can be constantly in touch with the operation guys and even see what’s happening with the aid of CCTV cameras.