The Facebook Group and Facebook Page


It was advised in one seminar that companies should now consider the use of the Facebook Page and Facebook Group for the promotion of the business. I have been seeing lots of Facebook Page of business, from online stores to organizations. The Facebook Group is actually for a particular endeavor like a club but it can also be used for the business if you are creative enough. I guess social media has come of age for companies to avail of its facility for marketing.


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If you have detailed knowledge of how to use and exploit Facebook page, it's very good in reaching out to millions of people who are using the social media but you will definitely have to boost your Facebook page in order to have access to reaching multiple people. Facebook group works in a similar way but the difference is that you as the group owner and your fellow administrators will have to source your group audience by adding as many people as possible. You can even ask for the already existing members of the group to assist in adding their friends and once you have enough audience, you can reach thousands of people with one advertisement.


I think some big companies are using the Facebook Page and Facebook Group. I chanced upon one Group with the name of the product where members are users of the product. It’s a neat trick to get followers and eventually customers in that way of using the social media account. Maybe the commercial competition of companies is slowly shifting to the internet now.