The cost of software versus the cost of labor


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There was a comparative study before the internet that automation would only be costlier because of the required training of personnel. When I was in the software industry, I had experienced conducting the training of computer illiterate employees and it was like teaching a kindergarten on how to change the light bulb. But I guess things have changed now that training the “user” of the computerized system is not that tedious anymore.


I have to agree that the cost of software is expensive but it will be beneficial in terms of savings from the cost of labor. This is not to mean that once a system is computerized then the employees can go. It is a long duration of phasing in and the main objective of the software is to make the work easier and more accurate (with less mistakes) which also benefits the workers.


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Computer slang often uses the word "software", derived from the English word "software", which in this sense was first used by John Tukey, a mathematician at Princeton University in an American Mathematical Monthly journal, in 1958.