Supply Chain Planning Made Easy!


Thank you for sharing your link. The free e-book is definitely a big help for those who are in the supply chain industry that can be beneficial not only to the company but also to the prospective customers. I hope you will be rewarded with your kindness and generosity.


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For decades supply chain and logistics, stakeholders have been facing major challenges with regards to lack of visibility, inability to track delivery fleet, unexpected and unaccounted delays, theft of goods, etc. These challenges translate into huge monetary losses for the companies. With the advent of technologies like IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain, it has become easier for organizations to address these problems and improve operations and build a customer-centric supply chain.

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I think the tracking is not anymore an issue with the technology unless the logistics company is a small and not using technology. They are now using the so called tracking number that you can use to monitor the delivery of your orders or even if you are the supplier, you can also see what is happening to your products in transit. With blockchain technology, I am still not well-versed with it.