Supply chain challenges in Kenya


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Currently, Kenya is really facing many problems in the economy. Prices have gone higher in a span of short time. All this is caused by the current election which took place on August 8. The results were taken to court as it was said the outcome was not fair. Now there is another election which hasn't been decided to be on 17 October or 1st November. This is really affecting the economy especially the business sector. Taxes and prices have gone high because the government is collecting funds for campaigns. The campaigns are for the next election which is said to be happening after 60 days.

The supply chain is not that strong anymore as tribes are against each other. We really hope things will be back to normal before 2017 ends and that businesses will be stable like before.

Other factors like training, human resource capacity and suppliers relations are fair and have positive effects on the supply chain.


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Re: Supply chain challenges in Kenya

It is as simple as that that once there is political instability, which in this case is a result of the upcoming elections which the eventual winner is not yet known, there are cases of every other sector of the economy being affected in one way or the other. That is the reason many suppliers are trying as much as they could to recoup some huge profits at this particular point in time as a result of not sure what the future political situation of the country will look like. I wish every kenyan should hold strong in this particular point in time to see who the next president will be for that will determine how strong the supply chain in Kenyan will look like in the future.

I wish the nation conducts a free and fair election in the next coming days. An election where no human life will be lost.