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Ladies and Gents,

What are some of the techniques when stocktaking? We have a software system (CIN7) and have scanners. This will be first time that we use scanners.
What are the experiences with scanners, regardless of what system you have?
How do you physically count, when you have a mixed bin of items?
From top to bottom, left to right!

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I imagine that my experience of scanners (although it was some time ago) is still valid - the scanner itself is a 'dumb' tool, it has no influence on how the information is presented and just acts as a medium between the WMS and the counter. It will present the counter with information transmitted by the WMS and will transmit the counters input back to the WMS. Provided that your signal strength is good this speeds up the count and removes the need for paper, nothing else. How the information is presented for instances such as mixed bins will depend on how you have set up the stocktake process on your WMS (i.e - count in bin sequence, by product, by department etc), if you want to know how a mixed bin will be shown to the counter I'd imagine that you should look at how that same information is shown on your WMS, as the scanner will simply mimic this presentation.

Remember that, provided you have set up your count process correctly on the WMS, the scanner should present all the information necessary for the counter to correctly identify the stock to be counted, so the sequence is pretty much irrelevant (if the counter is sent to count bin XX1A and told to count Black Pens, does it really matter if this is at the top, bottom, left or right within the bin?)