Stock option for employees


Some small companies have the scheme for stock option that is given to employees as a privilege for those with a tenure of more than 5 years. I think that is a good idea for added benefit because the stock option gives the employee a sense of ownership that somehow they are part owners. With that idea the employee tends to work with dedication and be concerned with the well-being of the company. In the first company that I worked for, we had that stock option although the amount was not that substantial. But every year we receive a dividend that is equal to a week of salary.


My suggestion for this benefit is to affect only the senior officers of the company. It is important for that level of position to have a high morale so that loyalty will be maintained at all time. A stock option means the employee is part owner of the company hence it is only right to care for the welfare of the company. However, it is easier said than done because giving a stock option ownership has some legal issues.