Spec sheet software / online system


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Hello All!

I work as a stock manager for a wholesale company. We produce our 3 brands off shore. All the purchasing and logistics have been set up for many years now and we have good relationships with our suppliers. However, every now and then things go wrong - especially when some of our products are being rebranded. We always supply the artwork and sort of spec sheets to our factories and based on that they produce the items. What I need is a system or software that could help me keep everything in place. For example, at the moment for item X I have to send a word document containing dimensions, colours, SKUs, barcodes and the item photo for refference (sometimes few photos if it comes in different colours). In addition I also have to send the packaging artwork. So you see I need something that would keep all this together, but it also have to allow our off shore suppliers access to it - hence an online / cloud based system might be good. I am not really sure where to start. At the moment I think I could use Google Drive. Create folder for each supplier and inside the folder there would be sub folders with the items, and inside those I could have the word document, the artwork jpgs etc. But this is more a work around than an actual solution. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!