Sourcing out of cheaper products abroad


If you cannot find a fair price of stocks locally then it is high time to seek a supplier from abroad. Sometimes people think that importing goods is very expensive compared to local sources but now some foreign suppliers have competitive prices that includes the transporting cost. I have mentioned before that China is the mecca of importers because of their low prices although the quality of the products is always in question. Maybe you just need to be discerning when it comes to the quality before you make an order.


I have a relative who was the general manager of a company producing rubber shoes and other footwear. When the company was going down with the stiff competition, my relative went abroad to source out goods that can compete in the local market. He found that factories in China are willing to give him a very cheap price for what they are producing. As a result, the factory closed shop and the company concentrated on importing footwear from China until now.


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The first thing that comes to mind reading this is China because they are well known for their mass production in any kind of products one could ever ask for and as a result of that, they are definitely disposed to selling items cheaper than any other competing company. Take for instance, smartphone is a very good example of what China can do when it comes to selling at cheaper prices. Over here, we refer to their products as Chinko products and they are known for cheap prices. So, if you are looking for cheaper products, seek out anything you want from China.