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Hey, guys!

I’m happy to join this forum as the Open Packaging Platform representative.

I went through some of the threads and found the confirmation of the initial purpose of the solution we released recently!

Scamming programs, dishonest contractors and angry buyers keep operating in the industry due to the lack of the verification solution and time devoted to the process.

I’m not going to advertise the solution here, but I would appreciate if you find time to check as we released the fair marketplace with buyers and sellers verification via the blockchain technology.

If you produce any packaging materials, we can help your company to find the B2B clients and simplify the ordering and shipping process.

Let me know if you find this relevant and interesting.
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The topic title reminds me of our experience in having an extension of our home constructed. We hired a niece of a friend who is a contractor. Since we know her uncle very well so we trusted the contractor with the half million contract that was not delivered completely. That is a neat lesson to us to be wary of contracts that there should be no fine print and have it verified before issuing the check for down payment.


When it comes to dishonest contractors, I’d say there should be an easier way to verify such posers. The government should have a list of valid and certified contractors for each type of industry so that prospective customers will be freed from the worry of dealing with a scammer or dishonest contractor. I wonder if some countries have that kind of list that will be a big help for the public in general.


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Hey, guys, thanks for your replies.

I totally agree that have to be a governmental option for that. This one of the most urgent topics in any industry. However, blockchain allows companies to cover this gap.

Open Packaging, in turn, offers an innovative solution for manufacturers, packaging services and designers - every user verification KYB, AML, etc. due to the partnership with global leader Trulioo.

Every counterparty is verified before onboarding so the business is safe and transparent. And we not gonna stop, the next solution will be an internal rating system based on many criteria….