Rules for this Forum


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Due to member requests we will now allow the advertising of job vacancies within this forum and this forum only.

If you are looking for a new job and wish to post your profile here, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Each job request should be posted as a seperate thread, so that members can ask questions, give advice etc.
  2. Each thread must have a clear title, in the format of Country-City-Job Title to provide members with clear information about the type and location of the job you are seeking.
  3. Job requests should be in the general field of Supply Chain & Logistics.
  4. Your profile should be truthful and must not be misleading.
  5. Be careful about showing your real name. Remember the World can see this forum.
  6. Should complaints be received about anyone in this forum, SCF owners reserve the right to delete posts/profiles and/or ban users.
Apart from that...........go for it