Road regulation for trucks


This regulation has been implemented for more than 10 years already but I still see some trucks doing or violating that regulation of the “Nose in and nose out” in the main roads. The regulation prohibits trucks to enter a warehouse rear first because it would create traffic on the road especially for big container vans. Logistics companies have not been complaining because they could get away with the violation. My point is to do away with regulations that cannot be fully implemented for it only restricts the law-abiding drivers which are so few.


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Well, it is so easy to create a regulation but the problem is in the implementation. You need manpower to monitor and levy fines to the violators and if there is no budget for the extra personnel then the said regulation can never be implemented. Take note that over here there is a road culture that is like the law of the jungle.


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I personally won't be advocating for striking out laws that are being ignored by drivers but rather a serious and mean task force be empowered to handle the law offenders. To the best of my knowledge, it would be the best way to tackling the problem completely.

When you talk about removing the law, you can't imagine how degenerative some drivers can be when being allowed to do as they please. The road is going to into a chaotic setting.