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Today I pressed the quick reply button and I messed around with the reply box, I used the button in the right bottom corner to enlarge it but now when I want to make it as small as it used to be it doesn't work, when I press the button it takes me to the middle of the page. I'm sure it's a quick fix.


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Re: Reply issue


Can you pm me a screen shot of what you pressed/changed. It's obviously not a setting on the forum software as you would need admin access to change any of that.

Are you talking about your browser zoom button?


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Re: Reply issue

Well, here's my quick reply box, as you can see it's very big.
The problem persists because I played with the resize button that is visibile on textarea HTML tags, in my opinion it's a feature that should be disabled for the users because it can mess up the site's layout.

If you want to fix the issue, select the textarea tag in CSS and add "resize: none;" to it. That should do the trick.
Edit: images seem to be small, here's an album: