Replacing the old trucks


This is always a big headache when the transport manager would submit a proposal for the rehabilitation of their fleet. Logically the new trucks needed a big investment and the old trucks have gone down in value so much. I know this problem because our bank have so many loans from carriers in replacing their old trucks with brand new and imported trucks. The main problem would be the disposal of the old trucks.


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It's always in the best interest of the company to always have their transportation fleet upgraded as and at when due because it saves the company cost on both short and long run. If there is a need to repair and keep maintaining the older trucks that are still on good shape and road worthy, then they should utilized but when it's paramount they are replaced, there should be no compromise because anything other than replacing the trucks will definitely come back to bite the company hard in a negative manner one way or another.


Sometimes it is easier said than done to replace vehicles whether in the company or owned by individuals. We all know that a vehicle is expensive much more if it is a delivery truck because there are no local trucks to speak of. Imported trucks have so many requirements that you have to spend more over the cost of the truck itself. But I believe that there should be a long term program for this issue.