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My name is Carli and I'm a college aged intern for a steel tank manufacturing company in Missouri. My job is to come up with idea for things that our customers (mostly procurement mangers) would like to read or use. I have an idea for something, but my mangers wanted to see if this would be something you guys are actually interested in before I got started on it.

The idea is an app or website where you (a purchasing agent) can log in and see live updates of the progress that we are making on your order. For example: Say you order three 10,000 gallon storage tanks and 1 steel reactor (for chemical manufacturing), then you are assigned a login and can go and see pictures as progress is being made, updates, entries, or "tweets" sometimes with pictures of how things are going. Our welders, engineers and builders would enter in data AS they complete it. Maybe like: 1) our engineer enters in the blueprints he just drafted up. 2)we show a picture of all the building materials we have gathered. 3) welder enters in that he got the steel shaped. 4) someone shows a picture of the type of finish being applied to the outside of the tank 5) picture of your tanks loaded on over sized load trucks. 6) Shipping updates.

Would that give you some consolation that your order will be on time, as we promised and in good condition? Also, do you guys get what I'm describing? Let me know what you think of this idea, if it would be helpful, or not worth it in the comments!!