Putting much trust in your star marketers


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Business is teamwork just like in sports where there are so-so players and there are star players. It is only normal for the management to put too much trust in their star marketers because they bring in more business than the ordinary marketers. But do you think it is right to be that way? There is a tendency for the ordinary players to feel envious. Maybe that is the principle of the confidentiality of the salary so that envy will not play a role since the employees have no idea of the exact salaries of their co-employees.


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I believe it depends on the goal you want to achieve and that the management should in all cases give some rules of the game.
You will always try to keep a star in your company but the management should gives limits and minimal common rules/ points that the star has to cope with. You can sometimes expect hard reactions but as a manager i think you have to try to integrate him in the team and if not possible define really clearly under which standards he has to operate.
You can accept to have this kind of suboptimal or degraded setup if it can work as a standalone.
If you are in the situation were a team should be motivated and needs all members to deliver , in this case you should go for the team player and have a serious discussion manager /star with a potential clash in the end.
For instance I had a team with a real star but they were on a niche business in special projects so it could live with the rest of the business ( and the person had a certain character..). It was really profitable business but quiet difficult to manage and time consuming. It was definitely worth to do so.
For the main business line you cannot accept this and all had to play with the team.


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I agree that some companies place their full trust in their best marketing men that sometimes would lead to a fault of having spoiled employees. But in fairness to managers who give more benefits to their best performers, particularly in the sales department, the secrecy should be upheld all the time to prevent professional jealousy. That is one reason why the junket trips as a reward is not being practiced anymore so that the other employees would not know the privileges of the best performer.


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I must say that indeed it logically goes with a money discussion which as you say should remain confidential.


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