Prospecting of new suppliers


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The marketing officer is not only in charge of the outgoing products but should also be on top in the procedures regarding incoming products. One activity that seems to be forgotten is the prospecting of new suppliers. It is good to be comfortable with the long time supplier but being complacent in that area may cause the loss of opportunities. Especially with dynamic products that are related to the trends, suppliers just come and go for the convenience of the customers.


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Prospecting should be a standard and regular activity whether for selling or purchasing. The most common knowledge is the prospecting of customers but I agree that prospecting for new suppliers is also important. That is where we discover new prices.

Ulrik Stage

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Not only do you discover new prices, you also might discover new ways of producing the good that you need, or new innovations that could be beneficial for your company. It is important to prospect suppliers, but you also have to be vary of changing your supplier, to some extent, especially if it is a strategically important supplier, but I don't know if this is the kind of supplier you meant. I think it is important to consider other values than just price, in most cases.
For example, you could get metal from, who recycles different metals, and produce different products from it. Recycling is very good to use as a ESP towards consumers, so this is also worth considering.