Promoting casual employees to regular status


This is getting to be a big issue now because most big companies are conscious of the 6-month limit on casual worker. An employee that stays with the company for 6 months should be promoted to permanent status. That is unfair to the company when the worker is not up to par in performance. What the companies do now is to evaluate the casual employee after 4 months so that they can terminate when the performance is not good. What is your opinion on this issue?


I think that law for promoting casual employees to regular status after 6 months still remains but the problem is that some companies are hiring casuals only for 5 months. It is clear that they are evading the 6-month term for casual. I wonder why the government couldn’t pass another law to prevent that evasion. Maybe it would be too hard on the small companies that it may affect the economy of the nation. I have read that the president had promised to end that 5-month hiring but it still persists until now.