Patronize your own products


Is there a government encourage in your country to help the local products? I have read that the US is now pushing towards this direction – patronizing their own products to boost the economy and lessen the importation from China and other countries. I think this is a good idea so that the local manufacturers are given support by the public. Over here we cannot compete with Chinese products that are so cheap that we have learned to accept that fact. Cheap products certainly make the commerce move.


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The sad truth is that most people all over the world prefer imported products over the ones produced by their own local infant industries and thus making the growth of such infant industries very sluggish. I'm very sure that there have been several government campaigns to educate people on the importance of patronizing their own local industries products but it's definitely going to be very difficult with the existing online international stores where one can easily order products from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to their doorsteps.


There was a president of our country who advocated that line to patronize your own products before buying imported products. It was very successful that lifted the economy of our country. I guess that would also apply today if only there would be an awareness on the importance of buying the local products over the imported ones.