Parking problems of trucks


The urban areas here are getting so crowded that big trucks couldn’t just park on the side of the road for it will cause heavy traffic. What about if the destination of the goods is in a warehouse by the main road? There is one big hardware warehouse here with no parking area inside the compound. When big trucks are delivering the goods, the container van is parked by the road. It seems that they have been paying the traffic officers in the area because they do that often even if it is illegal. Maybe there should be a law to prohibit warehouses along the main road.


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One entrepreneur is thinking of renting a big lot for the parking of vehicles with no garage. The city government here is getting strict with the parking on the streets that violators would surely get a parking ticket. But with the big trucks I guess the best solution is to move to the suburbs or even farther to spare them of the parking problem inside the city.


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Seriously, I personally don't think that this problem will fully be eradicated because as long as the business grows, more trucks will be bought to compliment the growing company and as such there would always be a parking space problem. Over here the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission had one part mapped out for their tankers to park, it's thousands of acres of land but it's never enough to contain one of the depot in each state in the country. So, my question is what is the way forward?