Packaging Tips to reduce cost

Rob O'Byrne

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What kind of packaging do you need to do?
Check out the video here from 'Catch'.
Watch for the auto box cutter!

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Maybe you can give some details about the type of product that you are packaging because it depends on the size and the material of the product. Besides, the tools are normally designed for a particular type of product and is not universal. I have some experience in the packaging of products in the factory but the process was mechanized that I think you need to seek help from the package makers.


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The nature of your product is what determines the kind of packaging tools that would suit them well. So, it's definitely going to be very difficult to recommend all the packaging tools in the industry simply because you couldn't be specific with the product you are dealing on. So, if you wouldn't mind, kindly give us more information about the products you are looking at packaging in order to help us offer good recommendations.
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