Outsourcing of delivery team


The delivery team is usually composed of the truck driver and one helper although sometimes there are 2 helpers depending on the product being delivered. The helper, by the way, handles the loading and unloading. When the delivery team is outsourced, the supplier has no more concern since it is already the responsibility of the outsourced transport team when something goes wrong. Would you agree to that?


I think there are companies that are outsourcing the transport team which is comprised of the dispatcher, driver and truck helper. Sometimes they also include a team of peons for loading and unloading the supplies on the truck. Our company hires such a transport team when there’s a lot of equipment to be deployed to the branches. However, I cannot consider it an outsourced but maybe just a part time hiring or contract.


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In de Russische zakelijke praktijk wordt outsourcing meestal overgedragen aan functies zoals boekhouding, onderhoud van een kantoor (bijvoorbeeld schoonmaak), vertaaldiensten, transportdiensten, ondersteuning van de werking van een computernetwerk en informatie-infrastructuur, reclamediensten en het waarborgen van de veiligheid.