Ordering in excess to hoard stocks that are on sale


When there is a big sale of electronic products, one company would buy in bulk for the purpose of hoarding. Before the internet era, the cassette tape was being offered on a scheme of buy 1 take 2 which means you get a lot of freebies. Little did we know that the cassette tape was poised to be obsolete with the arrival of the CD. Maybe that is one lesson learned to be aware of the trend before hoarding goods that are offered on big discounts.


I don't think it is a good idea to hoard stocks because you have a just enough customers for the usual purchases. The excess products bought on sale may just stay in the warehouse for a long time that later would just expire.


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Well, I would say that timing is the most important thing when it comes to hoarding products because once you are able to capitalize on the perfect time to mass purchase and stock up, then know the exact time to push it out for clearance, there is always a huge possibility of making big profits but once you get your timing wrong, it's going to result to total loss.
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