Model for carbon dioxide calculation - detours and proportion of land/air transport


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Hey Guys,

my team and I are currently working with a logistics service provider from Germany to develop a model with which the CO2 emissions of the vehicles per delivery can be estimated. The main problem is that we have no access to the actual data from UPS, DHL and Co. So we have to work with studies, surveys, evaluations etc. to develop a very rough model. The starting point is the derivation of the emissions by emission factors which we have available for various vehicles.

At the moment we are facing two big problems and I hope you can give some input:

1. The starting point of our route calculation is always the linear distance. The question that now arises is how long the distance actually driven is. We are looking for a kind of average multiplier. For example: "The distances from X to Y have a linear distance of 2000km, with a Z-fold "detour factor" an average distance of X kilometers results.

2. We generally ship via external service providers (UPS, DHL & Co.) both by land and by air (not rail and water). Here, too, we need a kind of average value for how much of the route is driven and flown. For example: "On distances of 1500km to 5000km 30% of the distance is driven and 70% of the distance is flown. Of course, it is always questionable when flights take place at all (Bullet Point: How urgent?).

Thank you very much for any kind of input!

Kind regards