Is your fulfilment capability holding back your business growth?


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Are you currently facing any challenges or opportunities in your business environment? Fully understanding your current and future growth needs and objectives provides a base for planning an optimum-efficiency Distribution Centre that moves and delivers products efficiently. Let’s look into cost-effectively satisfying your customers via reliable logistics.
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The distribution center’s main issue in the urban areas here is the congestion of roads during the “truck hours.” You have to take note that there is a truck ban from 6am up to 9pm (I think it is extended to 10 pm lately). After the truck ban, you will see the sudden congestion of the roads mainly due to the countless of trucks. I pity the delivery dispatcher of the warehouse because there is no flexibility in the time of day which is only 24 hours less the period of truck ban that leaves only about 8 hours of movement for the trucks on the road.