Insurance of cargo


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When the supplies are being moved from the warehouse to the destination, it is important that it has an insurance. Especially in our country, you cannot be too sure that the cargo will reach the destination intact. When there is pilferage and the quantity is less than what was loaded, that would be a big problem for the transport team. Big trucks have a lock on the rear door so the problem would be the small and open trucks that ply the roads. Thieves on the roads are creative so there should always be a safeguard against them.


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I would say that insurance of the products is still imperative even for short travels. There was a time when we were transporting 100 computer units to a nearby branch. Traveling for an hour includes the loading to the truck and the offloading of he equipment. There was one unit that fell on the ground which was a total wreck. The installed software has to be reinstalled when the hardware is replaced.