innovative set of tools for optimizing loading space and containers


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Hey, I don't know if I'm posting in the right thread. If not, feel free to point me in the right direction. But I hope you can help:

We’ve created software (I believe the most advanced one on the market) that basically solves bin packing problem. The basic description of it is this: the algorythm analyses dimensions and number of your goods, suggesting how you can optimally pack them to fit your packaging or palettes. The software helps you find perfectly sized box for your parcels or a third dimension such as height, width or depth when you know two others. Thanks to the API we provide you can integrate the system with our algorithms.

This software is a byproduct of another project we've been working on. And now, I was wondering if it can be of use to logistics professionals? To optimize packing? Or it's completely useless as you all employ custom solutions for this?


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I think a warehouse manager would be your best bet. You should ask yourself why and to who you made the software for. I'm sure there are companies that will need your software that best fits their requirements.


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I think that trucking company can make use of such software if it does exactly what you have designed it for. Packaging is a very serious problem with logistics management because when products aren't well packaged, it makes it very difficult for loading, counting and accountability. But I'm sure that the software don't just operate on its own, there will definitely be an expert who will be charged with the responsibility of making sure it works effectively and efficiently.


I am quite confused in thinking how a software can help with the innovation regarding the optimization of loading space and containers. Firstly, the loading space is taken with the measurement to correspond to the size of the containers or vice versa. Maybe that software is flexible and can help in the accounting of the containers vis-à-vis the available space but not really a direct tool in optimizing the loading space and containers. Pardon me if I am not correct in my understanding.
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