If I join.....will I get loads of Spam mail!


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You might be wondering about some of the perceived perils of joining this bulletin board, such as opening yourself up to receiving loads of Spam emails and offers.

Rest assured.

A. This board is purely a community or 'forum' to promote the discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences. Think of it a Supply Chain club, where you can chat with other interested parties. We are just people who enjoy this topic and this board is a hobby.

B. Membership can be anonymous. You can register using a nickname and a non traceable email address such as hotmail or yahoo. But bear in mind, that you might want to (or not) receive the odd email from the board, based on the settings you created in the user control panel. So you might want to register with an email address that you use regularly.

C. Only myself (Top Link), the board owner, and SCF Admin (who looks after the technical side of the board) are able to see the email address that you used to register (Unless you choose otherwise on the user control panel, by changing your default setting so that all users can see it).

and D. Frankly we have no interest in knowing your identity, where you live, where you work etc........sorry :-(

It is your contribution to the board that we value :)

So come on.....register.....and share your knowledge and experiences...or lack of!

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