I am looking for a job in NY, NJ, CT area, but can move, if necessary.


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OBJECTIVE: I would like to combine and use gained work experience with my BA in Economics. I am looking for Full or Part Time job in Analysis, Planning or Operations in NJ/NY/CT area(but may consider relocation for the right opportunity). I am multi-lingual(English, Russian/Ukrainian).

Well balanced mosaic of education, experience and skills proven to be effective to handle different projects and situations from advertisement and promotions to transportation, logistics and operations. Work well with both people and numbers. Detail oriented person, who takes pride in customer and employer satisfaction.
Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities, which helped avoid unnecessary expenses.
Background in programming allows me learn and effectively use both hardware and software utilized in your company(studied some programming at college).

2010-Present, "xxx", Edison, NJ, Clerk. Checked/prepared invoices and Sales Orders for approval. Optimized expenses structure.

2008-2010, Weak economy, worked for several companies in two states(both 1099/contract and W2).
Prepared/checked invoices and sales orders for approval.
Made manifests and other shipping documents. Created reports for customer's Logistics Departments.
Worked with old orders, calculated quotes. Reported to the Logistics/Compliance Manager.

2007-2008, "xxx, Inc", Norwell, MA. Logistics Coordinator. (2 years after I left I was contacted by my former manager, who asked, whether I would be interested to come back.)
Negotiated some rates with carriers, approved expenses.
Analyzed effectiveness of shipping and transportation procedures, made recommendations on possible ways to improve it.
Coordinated loads (both Non-Hazardous and Hazardous(except Class 7), including explosives and materials/waste, which require use of temperature controlled equipment for storage and transportation(reefers)).

2001-2007, "xxx, Inc", Memphis, TN, Transportation Clerk/Specialist (Was offered position of Supervisor.)
Worked Noon-8:30 pm shift, made decisions on how to solve problems when DC management was gone(including scheduling, routing, claims handling, transportation, inventory, shipping, safety and other issues).
Analyzed different kinds of situations, developed appropriate procedures and followed up, that's reduced or eliminated losses and/or complaints. Experienced with 28' - 53' vans (FTL/TL, LTL, CC).
Handled wide range of responsibilities, including analysis, equipment and manpower control(fleet dispatch). Assured proper operation of system and databases to achieve optimal routing results.
Worked closely with Information Technology Department and Logistics. Developed recommendations for most efficient route analysis and proposed route strategies to management.
Worked with International Sales Department, successfully established several business contacts with potential customers.
Accurate (re)delivery and routing procedures reduced customers' and drivers' complaints.
Increased profit by minimizing off routes mileage and delivery. (1 Mil Sq.Ft. warehouse closed/moved in 2009.)

1993-2000, "xxx, Ltd"- Marketing Business Consulting Company, xxx, UKR
Project Manager (examples of projects):
Developed advertisement for car dealerships.
Created Direct Mail program for companies to reach new customers and create new sales for tire companies, health care companies, oxygen manufacturers (for welding), hardware and building materials companies, retail food stores.
Developed proprietary data bases (from many sources) to reach various customer groups - agriculture, transportation, manufacturing companies.
Formed and retained excellent customer relationships.
Performed market research and valuation of new businesses for the purpose of increasing profitability. Studied pricing, vendors, quality comparison for different kinds of merchandise and services.

Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center, Kansas City, MO
Certificate (Excel) 2002
xxx State Business College of National Economy - xxx, UKR,
BA in Economics. 1989-1993

AS400, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook, PeopleSoft, PL-1, PC Miler.

LANGUAGES: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

I am looking for a job in Transportation, Logistics, International Trade or similar. Relocation is not a problem, no relocation assistance/bonus from Employer required.

From Recommendation Letters of my former bosses:


"To Whom It May Concern, I would like to highly recommend ... as a prospective employee for your company.
...He has always done an excellent job in everything he has taken on. He has excellent computer skills. He is dedicated worker. He also has excellent attendance. He has also made many recommendations on how we could improve our operation. In my opinion he would be an asset to an any company."


... is punctual and conscientious, he has improved our delivery procedures. He is thorough, precise...

Therefore I would recommend him for any position in which he applies. ... is a hard worker with good sense, sometimes a difficult combination to find."


"I, ..., believe that Mr. ... has the necessary qualifications to fulfill any task given to him. He has exercised the specialized professional and technical skills, to manage and/or lead co-workers toward the successful task completion.

He's courteous and trustworthy and he sets a high standard for himself and others. ... has positive attitude and he is a team player and I highly recommend him, he will be a great asset to your company."

I am looking for a position of Specialist, Supervisor, Manager or similar. Full or part time, contract, including start ups.

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