How to reduce IT costs and Increase Efficiency?

As with all areas of business the key is RELATIONSHIPS.

You need to have the right relationships with the right people to succeed.

If you work with a money sucking partner that only has their interest at heart you will only ever feed their need and not satisfy your own.

There are so many IT companies out there calling us logistics managers up all pushing the same thing.... SALES! They all want me to buy IT from them and it's hard to know who is telling the truth and wants to work with you and who just wants a quick sale.

Therefore, it is key to find that one partner who not only 'supplies' but also 'consults' and 'advises.'

In my time as a logistics manager I've suffered at my own expense by going with many different IT suppliers. But, it's a learning curve until you find the right supplier. I was taking 50 calls a day from different IT suppliers or Value Added Resellers or whatever they call themselves these days and now I only go to 2.

A company called PCM has been my most useful asset in advancing my logistics operations. They worked with me to help my business rather than try and sell me something that I didn't need.
I work with someone called Luke Carr who has brought numerous specialists to my sites in the UK to find help with a Networking issue I had and a whole server refresh.
Apparently instead of buying in 1's and 2's if they look at the bigger picture and the next 12 month plan they can combine purchases in a 'bulk buy' style way to reduce costs. Saved me £250 a laptop which I was very happy with.

Implemented some new scanning software and scan devices which I wasn't aware of. these guys are very good and at the front of upcoming technology. I'd advise getting in touch with them and seeing what they csan offer. They offered me a free audit to see if there was anywhere they could improve my operating efficiency. Not sure if this offer is still going but worth an ask.

A company called ZEB IT are also really good. Just for the odd peripherals.

Number for PCM: 01144 786 755
ZEB IT: 01709 124879


Big companies are now hiring IT consultants not exactly for the development of new computer systems but more for the streamlining. I always agree with the word efficiency in the workplace because there is a saying that the biggest room is the room for improvement. IT systems sometimes are not really that efficient because the developer has in mind the work force when they are doing the systems design. But with a consultant, all the faults of the computerized system can be pinpointed and therefore initiate a revision.


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I will be it programmer or consultant. I like this work and want to be programmer or consultant


Based on my experience, big companies are hiring technical consultants to help in determining if they need a new application or just to modify the existing application. It is costly to maintain an IT unit for development so most companies just buy the ready-made applications and tailor it to their needs.