How much is capital needed for a logistics company?


This question always pops up in another forum that I was also wondering if it should be a big company to cover everything from importation up to distribution. I know that importation is a complicated procedure and there are problems that can arise. With the distribution it is not much but it is also not simple.


From what I know, it is usually a big company when you talk of logistics although I know some small companies that work with small businessmen like traders of farm products. But for imported goods particularly high value products like automobiles and machinery I guess it will be a multi-million dollar investment. It would have been great if I was hired when I applied in a logistics company in our town for I would have more information about this topic.


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    • From the point of view of practical application, logistics is the choice of the most effective, in comparison with the existing, option of providing the necessary goods, the necessary quality, the necessary quantity, at the right time, in the right place with minimal costs on the basis of end-to-end organizational and analytical optimization