How important is supply chain visibility?


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Re: How important is supply chain visibility?

Although visibility is and should be highly valued in a supply chain, there are a lot of challenges that stop companies from implementing this. Data states only 9% of logistic professionals say they have complete visibility in their supply chain.


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Re: How important is supply chain visibility?

Supply chain visibility is very crucial in preventing the order errors and prevent the customers from taking their business elsewhere. Supply chain visibility make sure that you are knowledgeable about each and every aspect of your inventory and also allows you to help customers by improving your performance and reducing errors


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Re: How important is supply chain visibility?

1.Reduce risks and costs-
Increased visibility will ensure you can re-evaluate areas of inefficiency and in turn reduce risks such as damaged products and mistakes.

2.Improve performance-
Enhanced supply chain visibility will help you to better track your performance expectations and estimate future demands, ensuring you can meet your future goals.

3.Identify problems-
Increased communication as a result of supply chain visibility will help you to see where gaps exist in your system. Sharing information between departments and organizations can provide an overall view of the entire process.

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Re: How important is supply chain visibility?

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Re: How important is supply chain visibility?

Supply chain visibility is very important for optimizing the workflow and service.. There are many tools available which can help improve the supply chain visibility. Some factors for improving the visibility are:
-Reduce the cost
-Optimize the process
-Improve the performance by providing faster service
-Improve long-term planning
-Increase customer satisfaction
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Lack of supply chain visibility breeds lack of trust between the company and its customers. Once the foundation of the business trust is shaken, it's a big negative blow to the business because once they can't trust you to deliver or believe in whatever information you are offering with regards to their products on transit, it means the business patronization is at cross roads.

Increased visibility equals to increased trust in the company and good relationship makes the alliance last.


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The scope and context of the supply chain have changed over the years too. With the open marketplace model engulfing the entire retail side of the business and the growing emphasis on higher OTIFs etc., there is a tight dependency on the supply chain and its efficiency to keep all stakeholders well-equipped to deal with their KPIs and SLAs.

In this environment of changing dynamics between the supply chain, handling real-time challenges and taking a proactive approach with predictive visibility can have a huge dent in the balance sheet. Read about the three primary goals in supply chain efficiency where visibility could play a key role.


To be honest, this is not clear to me because what I understand about visibility in the supply chain industry is the supplies itself, where it comes from and where it is stored. In our country, counterfeit products are common so the buyers are always wary of being fooled with fake products. Pardon me to say that so many fake products are made in China and we wonder how those products come in freely to the our country.