How do you manage incoming trucks, so there wouldn't be any queues?


I've recently developed a solution for 2 major logistics centre's here in Estonia. I'd like to improve upon it so maybe you guys can suggest how I could make the system even better and what issues you think this will not solve for you right now, but could in the future?

The booking system can help warehouses:
- let go unnecessary personnel, because the system asks for required information and distributes bookings to the right door in your warehouse automatically
- prevent situations where too many trucks are waiting in line and warehouse needs to apply workforce from other working posts
- lessen emotional pressure from transportation companies who are in a hurry to the next destination
- more organized workflow throughout the warehouse

Here is a short demo to show how it really works:

If you were to use it, what else would you like to see in this solution?



To be honest, I am not well-versed with the dispatching of the trucks although my idea is the proper booking that makes it efficient. Over here, the queuing of trucks is a main problem because it is now prohibited for trucks to park on the roads particularly the main roads. When the dispatcher fails in the proper queuing then the company may be reprimanded by the local traffic director.


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This queuing of trucks is getting to be a big problem for warehouses in the city because the trucks would be on the road to obstruct traffic. They can be cited for that violation. The trick in this issue is the scheduling of the coming in or going out of trucks so that there would be no congestion in the street fronting the warehouse.


When there is a road regulation that bans trucks to stay for long on the side of the road, this issue will be a big problem since the truck drivers would definitely complain about the parking tickets. But I guess this could be remedied with proper scheduling that trucks would arrive one by one with a gap of time that is enough for the unloading.