How do you find your supplier?

Re: How do you find your supplier?

well, that's really depends. an average US buyer for an enterprise company adds at least 100 suppliers per year. There are various sources - from reports and databases that you can buy or subscribe to - to different forums, like this one, or online b2b communities, or through a Referral. There are also some tools available within different Supplier-Buyer communities, that will allow you to manage the suppliers, to make them private or public, to add a review or download other's comment for the specific supplier.

It's like a whole new universe now. I don't think, I can post the specific links, but I can definitely suggest a couple of nice sites who does that.

I wonder, and how do YOU find your suppliers? How often do you need to find a new one? How many suppliers would you add this year? Where, geo-wise, are you looking for them? Do you have a pattern?




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Re: How do you find your supplier?

I believe it's very hard to find suppliers, especially e-business.
May be there is some evaluating method, can some one share some tips for us?:confused:


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Re: How do you find your supplier?

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Re: How do you find your supplier?

Dear willanfei,

It has been long time since you asked this question. I hope you share your experience with us. How did you overcome this problem.

BR / Mohammed


Re: How do you find your supplier?

To find suppliers, you'll need to consult some specialized online resources. These four are a good start... Alibaba, Global Sources, ThomasNet and Kompass.


Re: How do you find your supplier?

Well,It makes no difference what business you are in, suppliers and vendors play a key role in your company's success. Having a formalized system in place to track and evaluate supplier and vendor performance is essential to the smooth operation and profitability of your company.!


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Re: How do you find your supplier?

Generally I find suppliers through internet.

There are so many good trade directories like TradeIndia which provides us lots of information about manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers.


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Re: How do you find your supplier?

We have a team of researches who do it for our company and we never had any big issues with any of our suppliers. As long as your research is thorough you won't have any trouble in terms of shipping and quality.


Re: How do you find your supplier?

Our procurement department maintains a list of suppliers that they regularly update. Invitation to new suppliers are also issued from time to time. Each and every purchase passes through a bidding process that is transparent. When a failed bidder complains, it is cause for review of the transaction. Of course, the main factors required are the promised quality of the goods and the delivery time. When one of that is not met, the supplier gets a deduction in their rating with our company.
Re: How do you find your supplier?

i think you want to say, where can find suitable suppliers to you
suppliers are everywhere. you can find them from show, magazine, B2B, google,
but find a reliable and suitable supplier is quite difficult



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Re: How do you find your supplier?

Find the suppliers are very easy, because at present everything easy to online to check online to find the quality and product.


Re: How do you find your supplier?

For products that can be found locally, the government encourages local companies to source out their supplies from local producers. Aside from farm products like sugar, rice and vegetables, we also have a long list of garment factories that can supply the needs of Marks & Spencer of the UK which is being imitated by Bench, a local distributor which is gaining headway with their classy apparel and footwear items. And if you need manpower, of course, the Philippines has a ready supply from call center agents to middle management.


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Re: How do you find your supplier?

We source our goods from US and China but admittedly we were just lucky and kind of fell into it by having relatives and friends that helped out. I am guessing it's still not extremely difficult to find a supplier in China though since there are so many of them and many people there or businesses are probably very used to people looking for suppliers as well as the entire transaction and other processes that follow.


Re: How do you find your supplier?

In the olden days, the Philippines was exporting handicraft to the US and UK. The items were mostly made of bamboo and rattan which were woven by the rural folks. Businessmen in Manila would buy the products from the province and export them. But when modernization came in, those handicraft projects were abandoned in favor of other undertaking. Most of the men are driving vehicles plying the main roads for passengers and some were back to their farms using mechanized methods. Maybe if those handicraft business would be revived, I'm sure there are consumers abroad.


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Re: How do you find your supplier?

Since I don't have a very large business and don't need commercial suppliers, I do a basic internet search for what I am looking for and then I compare the companies side by side. It makes it easier to see the break down penny for penny for what an item would cost (with shipping) to reach me and it makes it easier for me to understand the companies objective as well. I'm a bargainer like nobody has ever seen and if I can save money, I will find a way. I see there are some really great tips here, which I will most likely look into myself as my business grows. Good luck!