Honorarium for the no-work, no-pay during the lockdown


This is the hottest issue that is hounding the management of companies that are located in the areas under the lockdown in prevention of the spread of contamination of the corona virus. It is a worldwide phenomenon to close shops and other businesses that even banks are affected. So how can the company give salaries to the employees when there is no business to speak of?


This adverse effect of the COVID-19 is escalating all over the world. With the lockdown comes the closure of business particularly those dealing with customers like restaurants. Since public transportation are also banned for the moment, companies that can still do business have decided to quit for the moment. But how about the workers who lost their livelihood for the moment? That is for the government to answer.


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Yes, I agree on one end world is all breaking but on another end there is a dent in demand graph too. I understand the concern that the businesses are breaking but there has to be a way through which we can get away using a middle way. Companies need to be more employee centric and make decision which are in favour of both employee and employer.
For reference, At FarEye all the employees have been given the privilege to work from home and would be paid as normal. Giants in the industry are helping employers in every possible manner, hence just deducting pay is not normal.