Having an on call officer during off hours


In my former employment, we had the so called “on call” officer during off hours whether at night time or weekends and holidays so that departments that are working 24/7 will have the confidence that they have a lifeline. One case in point was the flooding of one branch office that the night guard didn’t know what to do. When he got connected to the On Call officer, he was given proper instructions on what to do. With logistics it is very important to have 24/7 operation and the On Call officer can save money from the salaries of extra personnel.


Big companies with a 24/7 operation should consider having the on-call duty officer. It is one way of saving on expenses for overtime pay. An on-call officer need not go to the office but can be contacted for issues and other problems by phone. Of course, when the officer is required to go to the office (or the site) then that would entail an overtime pay.
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