Handling unique inventory


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Most IT systems seem to be designed on the assumption that the inventory will be the same item that you keep reordering. I'm working with a company where every single inventory item is going to be unique, think antiques for example, and having trouble finding a system where the creation of new products is not a huge overhead, because the software assumes the product will be re-used (and most want a barcode or EAN, which presents its own problems). Short of building our own from scratch, is there anything already out there that manages this?


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Re: Handling unique inventory

How many products types (SKUs) are you dealing with? Most good inventory systems could cope with 500,000+


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Re: Handling unique inventory

I am not all that familiar with how software systems particularly handle inventory and categories of them, but I would have to imagine that there are some systems out there designed for this purpose. There are so many BI modules out there that I would think it would just take a look around.