Giveaways to customers for holiday token


It is imperative for the marketing department to prepare something during the holiday season because it is customary here to hand something as a gift or token. We call it giveaways and it can be from cheap pens to expensive appliances. Take note that it is not only during the Christmas season when the marketing people would distribute giveaways but also on other occasions like Valentine’s and Easter. I wonder if there is that tradition in your country.


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Funnily enough this is very present in freight forwarding in more or less all the countries.
Once we had a manager that wanted to skip the calendars which were distributed to customers for Christmas... it didn't last long as it created a turmoil in operations and a lot of customers complaints.


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    • Tokens are designed for electronic identification (for example, a customer who accesses a Bank account), and they can be used both instead of a password and together with it. In a sense, a token is an electronic key to access something.